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The name House Calls For Cars implies that the work is done on site. It was done that way until twelve years ago. It is still possible for many repairs to be performed at your locations, however, it would be much harder in most cases. It is physically demanding and technically challenging on site. It would take longer to complete and environmentally unsafe. That is why most of the repairs are done in the repair facility. ac

*IF YOUR VEHICLE IS BEING TOWED IN FOR REPAIRS or SERVICE towing is FREE 5 miles or less IF we repair your vehicle. Up to 10 miles is $35. (No collision recovery)

We will PICK UP your vehicles, Asian or domestic, from home, work or roadside by appointment. Vehicle size is limited to 3/4 ton for towing with our equipment. We also use discounted contract towing service that will tow your vehicle if our equipment is unable to handle the job. Their average cost for pick up and tow ranges from $65 to $8 in 10 to 12 miles radius of our facility. We or they will travel farther if needed.

*DELIVERY OF THE VEHICLE TO THE OWNER AFTER REPAIRS Arrangement for delivery made at the time of pick up will be discounted at half the cost for the same distance or closer. (Minimum $17.50 to $27.50) Deliveries are discounted to seniors and the disabled.

See our maintenance list for services provided.

We will DELIVER your vehicle to you by appointment. For deliveries, the bills must be paid in cash when delivered or prepaid by credit card. NO CHECKS PLEASE.

FREE DELIVERY FOR SENIORS 75 and over. (Up to 7 miles)

Give us a call 972-487-9650 or drop a line to

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