Oil Change

Oil changes are one of the biggest money making services in the automotive industry.

10-minute oil change or 15 minute oil change locations have popped up all over the country. Most of them claim to have 21-point checks while performing the oil change and get your car out in 10 minutes. Unacless the oil pit is equipped with NASCAR service equipment and techs, I donít think that is possible with kids on a hot engine.

Oil change is an opportunity for a tech with trained eyes to perform a FREE preventive maintenance check. Topping off fluids is good. Topping certain fluids could indicate trouble is coming and service will be needed. Brake fluids for instance, should not be topped off until system is checked. The low level could indicate brake service is needed for worn linings for leaks. This is also an opportunity to check belts, axles, suspension parts, tire pressure and wear, cooling system hoses and level, frontend parts, exhaust system, lights and battery levels and terminals.

If oil changes are done properly, it can save a lot of surprises. If you depend on you car, have it serviced often and properly. Prices will vary depending on vehicles engine size and type of oil requested. Give us a call 972-487-9650 or drop a line to clarence@housecallsforcars.net.

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