Engine Repair

Engine repairs are performed when necessary, however, we try to prevent major engine repairs by performing preventive maintenance when it is needed. Engine repairs such as valve cover gaskets, oil seals, timing belts and tune ups parts will to wear out. These parts will be inspected by our tech and owner will be informed. ac

Controlling the loss of coolant could prevent overheating, stalls outs and repairs like cylinder heads and/or gasket replacement. Extreme engine temperature could cause complete engine replacement and sometimes cause problems with the transmission also.

Lubrication is important to the entire vehicle. Engine oiling is essential to the moving parts of the engine. The oil level, pressure and condition must be maintained to prevent internal engine damage and or engine replacement. Leaks should be repaired because of the potential harm to the environment, damage to surrounding hoses and wires and fire. Too much oil loss could result in major engine failure.

Prices will vary depending on vehicles engine size and type of oil requested. Give us a call 972-487-9650 or drop a line to clarence@housecallsforcars.net

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