Axles & Drive Shafts

Drive axles, sometimes call half shafts are most commonly used on front wheel drive cars. They are used to supply the power from the transmission to the wheels, which causes the vehicle to move. When they become damaged or worn out, they will make a clicking or thumping sound while turning. Although the car will feel and drive the same for a while, service will need to be done as soon as possible. If the axle breaks, the vehicle will stop moving and need to be towed for repair. Axles should be inspected at every oil change. Axles installed starts at $190.00 per side.

Driveshafts are used on rear wheel drive vehicles. It too transfers power from the transmission to the rear wheels and front wheels on 4x4 vehicles. They will begin to show wear by looseness in the cups or squeaks when the vehicle starts to roll. They can also start to vibrate violently just before falling from the yoke of the differential or transmission. Driveshafts should be inspected lubricated at every oil change if possible. Replacement driveshaft joints (U-joints) starts at $110.50.

Prices will vary depending on vehicles engine size and type of oil requested. Give us a call at 972-487-9650 Monday thru Friday for appointments or drop a line to

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