Air Conditioning

Cost range for complete air-conditioning overhauls are $750.00 to $1175.00 ac

We perform complete air conditioning service and overhauls. We remove and replace the complete system if needed. When replacing compressors, the system is flushed to clean the system of all foreign materials that could cause premature failures. A new drier/accumulator along with orifice tube or expansion valve is required to get labor and manufactures warranty. The system is then evacuated to remove all moisture and recharged to factory specs and leak tested.

We will also retrofit from the R12 system to 134A

Parts serviceable in the AC system:

  • Fuses & relays
  • Compressors (Remanufactured part ONLY if new parts are not available)
  • Manifold hoses
  • Driers/accumulators
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Compressor clutches
  • Control switches
  • Blower motors
  • Cooling fans

Prices will vary depending on vehicles engine size and type of oil requested. Give us a call 972-487-9650 or drop a line to

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